1. Wall Panel Dealers in Delhi

Wall panels are visible and exposed covering for walls . The wall panel can be used for decorative purposes or for functional purposes . A wall panel provided insulation , soundproofing , uniformity of the decorations and ease of removing the panel whenever the client considers it unnecessary . wall panels take the decorations to the next level by offering customization to the client . The specifications of the client are taken into account before installing the particular wall panel . The new generations wall decorations in the form of wall panels will give a new look to the interiors of homes , offices , commercial properties or centers of entertainment. The wall panels can be created in infinite number of colors , shads and design and patterns . The one color or design can be combined with other to create a whole new interiors for the client and those who are willing to experiment , the wall panel decoration ideas are endless .

As as one of the reputed wall panels dealers in Delhi , we provide comprehensive range of wall panels and ideas to our clients . The white pure, natural colors and graphic designs of the wall panels will give desired look to the space of the client . Besides pure wooden wall panels , we also supply PVC wall panels that are the best panel for high moisture areas like bathrooms, kitchens , showers areas etc . They offer resistance to water , have stain resistance and are easy to clean . The decorative wall panels are used in offices , dining rooms , drawing rooms , and in commercial properties .

The wall panels supplied by us are easy to carry and install . The range of wall panel from us includes stripe, square , cube , wave , bump , domino, liquid ,and icon

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